See See The Sun

original vinyl album


1.Reason for it all (Scherpenzeel) 6:29

2.Lyrics (Scherpenzeel )3:42

3.Mouldy wood (music: Scherpenzeel, Slager, Koopman; lyrics: Scherpenzeel) 5:16

4.Lovely Luna (Koopman) 8:19

5.Hope for a lifetime (music Scherpenzeel, Koopman; lyrics: Scherpenzeel) 6:49

6.Ballet for the cripple (music: Scherpenzeel, Koopman; lyrics: Scherpenzeel, van Leeuwen) 4:39

7.Forever is a lonely thought (music: Koopman; lyrics: Scherpenzeel) 5:26

8.Mammoth (Koopman, Scherpenzeel) 2:57

9.See see the sun (music: Koopman, Scherpenzeel; lyrics: van Leeuwen) 4:13

CD bonus tracks:

10.Still try to write a book (Koopman) 2:01

11.Give it a name (music: Koopman,  Scherpenzeel; lyrics: Koopman, van Leeuwen) 2:44

First release: 1973, EMI Bovema   CD release: 1995, Pseudonym Records




Guest musicians

  • Giny Busch, Martin Koeman —violin (Lyrics)

  • Ernst Reijseger — cello (Lyrics)

  • Gerrit-Jan Leenders — vocals, percussion (Hope for a Life)

  • Rijn Peter de Klerk — percussion (Hope for a Life)

  • Gijsbert Perlee — barrel organ "Flamingo" Amsterdam (Mammoth)

Recorded at Intertone EMI Studios, Heemstede Holland 1972-1973, engineer Pierre Geoffroy Chateau

Mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London GB 1973, engineer Alan Parsons

Mixed at Chipping Norton Studios, Chipping Norton GB 1972, engineer Dave Grinsted

Produced by Gerrit-Jan Leenders & Kayak

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