See See The Sun

original vinyl album


1.Reason for it all (Scherpenzeel) 6:29

2.Lyrics (Scherpenzeel )3:42

3.Mouldy wood (music: Scherpenzeel, Slager, Koopman; lyrics: Scherpenzeel) 5:16

4.Lovely Luna (Koopman) 8:19

5.Hope for a lifetime (music Scherpenzeel, Koopman; lyrics: Scherpenzeel) 6:49

6.Ballet for the cripple (music: Scherpenzeel, Koopman; lyrics: Scherpenzeel, van Leeuwen) 4:39

7.Forever is a lonely thought (music: Koopman; lyrics: Scherpenzeel) 5:26

8.Mammoth (Koopman, Scherpenzeel) 2:57

9.See see the sun (music: Koopman, Scherpenzeel; lyrics: van Leeuwen) 4:13

CD bonus tracks:

10.Still try to write a book (Koopman) 2:01

11.Give it a name (music: Koopman,  Scherpenzeel; lyrics: Koopman, van Leeuwen) 2:44

First release: 1973, EMI Bovema   CD release: 1995, Pseudonym Records




Guest musicians

  • Giny Busch, Martin Koeman —violin (Lyrics)

  • Ernst Reijseger — cello (Lyrics)

  • Gerrit-Jan Leenders — vocals, percussion (Hope for a Life)

  • Rijn Peter de Klerk — percussion (Hope for a Life)

  • Gijsbert Perlee — barrel organ "Flamingo" Amsterdam (Mammoth)

Recorded at Intertone EMI Studios, Heemstede Holland 1972-1973, engineer Pierre Geoffroy Chateau

Mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London GB 1973, engineer Alan Parsons

Mixed at Chipping Norton Studios, Chipping Norton GB 1972, engineer Dave Grinsted

Produced by Gerrit-Jan Leenders & Kayak

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Kayak's mixing consolo, live. Second on the left lighting engineer Peter Scherpenzeel, who later became the band's bass player. Then record producer Gerrit Jan Leenders and in the middle Rijn Peter de Klerk, Kayak's first live FOH mixing engineer.