Periscope Life

Original vinyl album:

  1. .Astral aliens (Linders/Lapthorn- Scherpenzeel) 3:40

  2. What’s in a name (Scherpenzeel)  4:10

  3. Stop that song (Scherpenzeel) 3:15

  4. If you really need me now (Linders- Scherpenzeel) 4:16

  5. Periscope life (Scherpenzeel) 3:25

  6. Beggars can’t be choosers(Linders/Lapthorn- Scherpenzeel) 4:41

  7. The sight (Scherpenzeel) 4:00

  8. Lost blue of Chartres (Scherpenzeel) 3:36

  9. Anne (Linders- Scherpenzeel) 4:19

  10. One way or another (Scherpenzeel) 3:20

  11. Sad to say farewell (Linders- Scherpenzeel)4:26

CD bonus tracks

Total loss (Linders- Scherpenzeel) 4:10

What’s done is done (Linders- Scherpenzeel) 3:40

First release: 1980 Mercury, Phonogram   CD release: 2010, Universal



Recorded at Village Recorders, Los Angeles (US)

Engineered by Wayne Neuendorfff, John Tilly

Produced by John Tilly and Kayak

Kayak in LA1

Irene Linders and Katherine Lapthorn with the Kayakmobile at the Village Recorder Studios.