Far from complete, but still an interesting list of guest musicians that one time or another joined Kayak live on stage or in sthe studio.

Throughout the years Kayak has been playing with many guest musicians. This list is far from complete, as we have concentrated on those who have played live with the band plus a limited number of contributors to the records.


Not a guest really, but he should be mentioned: in 1971 and 1972,  Jean-Michel Marion was the band's bass guitarist- until Cees van Leeuwen took over and the first official line up presented itself to record company EMI as Kayak.

The first studio musicians to play with Kayak were Ernst Reijsiger (cello), Giny Busch and Martin Koeman (violin), who can be heard on the track 'Lyrics' (See See the Sun)


Monique v.d. Ster started as Cindy Oudshoorn’s substite (as Morgan LeFaye in 'Merlin') in 2003 but got herself an independant role in Kayak as Catherina de ‘Medici in the second rock opera ‘Nostradamus’. Syb vd Ploeg was crucial in the resurrection of Kayak in 1999, sang the remake of ‘Ruthless Queen’ on ‘Close to the Fire’ and played the rol of Scaliger in ‘Nostradamus’.


Marjolein Teepen not only danced and sang the role of the seers first wife in ‘Nostradamus’ in 2005 but also did the choreography of the show. Marjolein sang on the third rock opera 'Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis' and took over Cindy Oudshoorn's leading role when Cindy left the band at the end of 2014. Marc Dollevoets and Marlous van Woggelum completed the cast of ‘Nostradamus,’ in which Kathelijne vd Zwaan replaced Marjolein Teepen when the latter had other obligations.


In 2003 Kayak performed the rock opera ‘Merlin- Bard of the Unseen’ at the Trompfestival in Ter Heijde aan Zee, together with a symphony orchestra and guest vocalists Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Petra Berger.


Bass guitarist Richard Zoer replaced Jan van Olffen several times during the Coming Up for Air Tour in 2008. Guitarist Gesuino de Rosas was Joost Vergoossen’s one time replacement during a private award party for Paul Verhoeven in Paradiso, whose film 'Spetters' featured a Kayak soundtrack.


Percussion group Santola performed with Kayak at the live DVD of the 35th Anniversary Concert 2008, also in Paradiso. Drummer Marc Stoop replaced Pim Koopman during the first Kayak reunion in 1999, when the band were the guests of de Kast in the tv-program Vrienden van Amstel Live.


Camel-guitarist Andy Latimer played on the track ‘Full Circle’ from the album ‘Close to the Fire’ and on 'Riplles of the Water' from 'Seventeen'. Annet Visser (Flairck, Zenga) played flute on this album, the title track and ‘Crusader’. Rens van der Zalm played fiddle on 'Pagan's Paradise' and 'Dance of Mirrors' on the 'Nostradamus' album, as well as on 'Love, Sail Away' from 'Seventeen.'


Rick vd Linden was guest keyboardist on ‘Golddust’ (from the lp ‘Starlight Dancer’) with his GX-7 synthesizer, and Patricia Paay sang the wordless melody on the track that was named after her on ‘Royal Bed Bouncer’. Fred Leeflang played the saxophone on 'Irene'.

Singer Kaz Lux regularly supported Kayak in the seventies, and almost just as often he joined the band on stage later on that night, armed with his tambourine. Hans Philippo has arguably been one of Kayak's official lead singers. Before its reincarnation in 1982 as Europe, the band did play a couple of gigs under the name Kayak with Hans as frontman and Roger Wollaert on drums.

Drummer Sjoerd Rutten replaced Hans Eijkenaar at several gigs since the autumn of 2013 when Hans was unavailable to play all intended tour dates.


Kayak guests at the Pim Koopman Tribute Concert 2010 were: Caren van Kessel (Maywood), Michael Robinson (†), Josee Hoebee, Okkie Huysdens (†) (The President), Pussycat, Jeroen Engelbert (Diesel), Alides Hidding (Time Bandits) and Hans Voerman (keyboards).


The rock opera 'Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis' featured Rolf Koster, Martin van der Starre and Alexander van Breemen as guest vocalists (beside Marjolein Teepen, already mentioned above).

On the album Greek singer Tatiana Manolidou can be heard.

Marianne van Koolwijk played the flute on 'Wherevere She Goes' (album Anywhere but Here), and the string section for 'Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis' was formed by Maria Paula Majoor, Karsten Kleijer and Daniel Torrica Menacho.


pics from top to bottom, left to right:


Alexander van Breemen,  Kaz Lux

Patricia Paaij, Rick v.d. Linden

Rens v.d. Zalm, Andy Latimer

Bobby Kimball, Petra Berger

Jean Michel Marion, Monique v.d. Ster

Syb v.d. Ploeg, Marjolein Teepen

Martin v.d. Starre, Sjoerd Rutten

Rolf Koster, Annet Visser

Tatiana Manolidou, Richard Zoer

Marc Dollevoet, Marc Stoop

Ernst Reijseger, Fred Leeflang

Hans Philippo, Roger Wollaaert

Lean Robbemont is the drummer on the album 'Seventeen', that also features Izak Boom on banjo and ukelele.

Lean Robbemont                      Izak Boom                      Maria-Paula Majoor            Karsten Marijn Kleijer                Daniel Torrica Menacho

Another string section performs on 'Night Vision': Lorre Trytten, Arlia de Ruiter, Pauline Terlouw and Bastiaan van der Werf. The album also feautures a brass section: Jel Jongen, Alard Buwalda and Serge Plume.

Patricia Paay