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Journey Through Time

Box set, including all 16 studio albums, plus a 2CD with previously unreleased Kayak- and Kayak related tracks

Complete tracklisting Bonus 2CD:


1 High Tide Formation: Fluffy (single only)
2 High Tide Formation: White walls (b-side single Fluffy)
3 Give It A Name (b-side single See See The Sun)
4 Try To Write A Book (b-side single Lyrics)
5 Bulldozer (non album track)
6 We Are Not Amused (single only)
7 Chance For A Lifetime (single edit)
8 Boezem (albumtrack from Zing Je Moerstaal)
9 Ballad For A Lost Friend (b-side single Phantom Of The Night)
10 I Want You To Be Mine (USA album version)
11 Irene (USA album version)
12 Ivory Dance (b side single Ruthless Queen)
13 Theme From Spetters 2 (single only)
14 Total Loss (single only)
15 What Is Done, Is Done (b-side single Total loss)
16 Eyewitness (albumtrack from Eyewitness)
17 Only You and I Know (albumtrack from Eyewitness)
18 Who's Fooling Who (albumtrack from Eyewitness)
19 No Total Loss (Monte Carlo) (single only)
20 Car Enchanters (Sikkens version) (single only)
21 The Plan:  If This Ain't Love (single only)
22 The Plan:  Hit Bottom (b-side single If This Ain't Love)

1 Close To The Fire (radio edit)
2 Love Lies (demo,  bonus track on Japanese version of Close To The Fire)
3 Cried For Love  (demo,  bonus track on Japanese version of Close To The Fire)
4 Never Before (bonus track on Japanse version of Night Vision)
5 The Inquisition (new edit)
6 Beat The Clock (b-side of single Undecided)
7 Dear Lover (bonus track on the 35th Anniversary Box)
8 Life Is Good (special remix)
9 Symmetry (2012 version)
10 Cleopatra The Crown of Isis (original edit)
11 Ten Ride Ticket: Lost In Hell (demo, never released before)
12 Ten Ride Ticket: A 1000 Dreams  (demo, never released before)
13 Ten Ride ticket: Scardia (demo, never released before)
14 Ten Ride Ticket: Green Eyed morning (demo, never released before)
15 Ten Ride Ticket: Catch Your Dreams (demo, never released before)
16 Ten Ride Ticket: Children Unite (demo, never released before)
17 Ten Ride Ticket: It's Your Problem (demo, never released before)
18 Ten Ride Ticket: Still Try To Write A Book (demo, never released before)
19 Happy New Year (demo, never released before)

2014.  2CD  label: WOP


Cleopatra- BLOG


25 €


27.50 €


30 €

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