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Periscope Life

Original vinyl album:

  1. .Astral aliens (Linders/Lapthorn- Scherpenzeel) 3:40

  2. What’s in a name (Scherpenzeel)  4:10

  3. Stop that song (Scherpenzeel) 3:15

  4. If you really need me now (Linders- Scherpenzeel) 4:16

  5. Periscope life (Scherpenzeel) 3:25

  6. Beggars can’t be choosers(Linders/Lapthorn- Scherpenzeel) 4:41

  7. The sight (Scherpenzeel) 4:00

  8. Lost blue of Chartres (Scherpenzeel) 3:36

  9. Anne (Linders- Scherpenzeel) 4:19

  10. One way or another (Scherpenzeel) 3:20

  11. Sad to say farewell (Linders- Scherpenzeel)4:26

CD bonus tracks

Total loss (Linders- Scherpenzeel) 4:10

What’s done is done (Linders- Scherpenzeel) 3:40

First release: 1980 Mercury, Phonogram   CD release: 2010, Universal



Recorded at Village Recorders, Los Angeles (US)

Engineered by Wayne Neuendorfff, John Tilly

Produced by John Tilly and Kayak

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