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Behind the scenes

Kayak has worked with many producers and sound engineers. Here is an almost but certainly not quite complete list (additions are welcome). Only albums are mentioned. Ton Scherpenzeel and Pim Koopman usually co-produced the albums, and after 2000 they were the only ones. Since Pim’s demise in 2009 Ton Scherpenzeel remained the band’s sole producer, occasionally in collaboration with Irene Linders (Seventeen) and Hans Eijkenaar (Anywhere But Here)



Gerrit-Jan Leenders (See See the Sun, Kayak II, Royal Bed Bouncer, Merlin)

Jack Lancaster (Starlight Dancer)

Dennis MacKay (Phantom of the Night)

John Tilly (Periscope Life)


Sound engineers:


Jean-Pierre Geoffrey Chateau  (See See the Sun, Kayak II, Royal Bed Bouncer, Starlight Dancer)

Alan Parsons (See See the Sun)

John Leckie (Kayak II)

Alan Ward (The Last Encore)

Jan-Fred Arendsen (Phantom of the Night)

John Tilly (Phantom of the Night)

Wayne Neuendorf (Periscope Life)

Jan Schuurman (Merlin)

Neil Kernon (Merlin)

Holger Schwedt (Close to the Fire, Night Vision, Coming Up For Air))

Dick Kemper (Merlin- Bard of the Unseen)

Nico Outhuijse (Kayakoustic, DVD The Anniversary Concert, Letters from Utopia, Seventeen) 

Ronald Prent (Eyewitness)

Stephen Taylor (Starlight Dancer)

George Konings (DVD Pim Koopman Tribute Concert, Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis, Anywhere But Here)

Hans Eijkenaar (Anywhere But Here, Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis)

Emile Elsen (DVD Merlin- Bard of the Unseen, Nostradamus- The Fate of Man)

Michiel Hoogenboezem (DVD Merlin- Bard of the Unseen)

Live sound engineers


There have been many. Some of them only did a couple of shows, others kept working for years. 

An (incomplete, sorry) list:



Rijn-Peter de Klerk

Dick Scheepbouwer


1999- present

Frank Winkelman

Ron Aerts

Berry Aben

Bennie Meijer

Nils Douma


(suggestions are welcome)

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