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Nostradamus- The Fate of Man



1. The Secret Study (Koopman)1:46

2. Overture - A Strange And Cryptic Tale (Scherpenzeel)3:03

3. Friend Of The Stars 1 (Scherpenzeel)4:17

4. Celestial Science (Scherpenzeel)3:50

5. The Student (Scherpenzeel)1:22

6. Dance Of Death 1 (Koopman)3:24

7. Fresh Air, Running Water, Rose Pills (Scherpenzeel/Koopman)4:09

8. The Monk's Comment 1 (Scherpenzeel)0:43

9. Seekers Of Truth 1 (Koopman)4:14

10.Dance Of Death 2 (Koopman)1:04

11.Save My Wife (Scherpenzeel)5:24

12.The Monk's Comment 2 (Scherpenzeel)0:30

13.Pagan's Paradise (Scherpenzeel)4:23

14.The Inquisition (Scherpenzeel)5:31

15.The Wandering Years (Koopman)4:41

16.The Monk's Comment 3 (Scherpenzeel)0:48

17.If History Was Mine Alone (Scherpenzeel)2:57

18.Friend Of The Stars 2 (Scherpenzeel)0:37


1.A Man With Remarkable Talents (Scherpenzeel)3:30

2.Settle Down (Scherpenzeel)4:21

3.The Monk's Comment 4 (Scherpenzeel)0:41

4.The Flying Squadron (Koopman)4:14

5.Dance Of Mirrors (Scherpenzeel)3:22

6.A Royal Invitation (Koopman)1:15

7.A Cruel Death + The Monk's Comment 5 (Scherpenzeel)3:57

8.Tell Me All (Scherpenzeel)3:27

9.The Tournament (Koopman)4:12

10.The Golden Cage (Scherpenzeel)2:08

11.Seekers Of Truth 2 (Koopman)2:00

12.Living In Two Realities (Scherpenzeel)4:11

13.Act Of Despair (Koopman)4:22

14.The Secret Study 2 (Koopman)1:41

15.The Centuries (Scherpenzeel/Koopman)5:03

16.You Won't Find Me Alive At Sunrise (Scherpenzeel)3:19

17.Friend Of The Stars 3 (Scherpenzeel)1:13

18.Epilogue - The Fate Of Man (Scherpenzeel)2:57

2005  2CD,  SMH Records

All tracks words T. Scherpenzeel/I. Linders

Music: T. Scherpenzeel

except I-1,6, 9, 10, 15

II- 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14,music: P. Koopman

and I- 7 and II-15 music: T. Scherpenzeel/P.Koopman


Cindy Oudshoorn, lead vocals (I- 3, II- 1, 2, 16, 17, 18

Monique v.d. Ster, lead vocals (I- 3, 13, 17 & II- 1, 4, 8, 10, 17

Edward Reekers, lead vocals (I- 3, 5, 8, 12, 16 & II- 2, 7, 14

Syb v.d. Ploeg, lead vocals (I- 9, II- 11)

Marjolein Teepen- vocals ( II- 5)

Eddy Koopman- percussion)

Ren v.d. Zalm - fiddle

Valentin Achterberg - voice

Nostradamus Choir

Recorded at Kayak Home Studio, Hilversum (NL), E-Sound Studio Weesp (NL), Heilige Geest Kerk Doetinchem (NL)

Recorded and mixed at Westend Control Amsterdam (NL) by Emile Elsen

Produced and arranged by Ton Scherpenzeel & Pim Koopman

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