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Merlin- Bard of the Unseen

1.Merlin  7:50

2.Tintagel  2:49

3.The future king 2:58

4.The sword in the stone  3:43

5.When the seer looks away 4:18

6.Branded  3:51

7.At Arthur’s court  3:15

8.The otherworld 7:59

9.The purest of knights  5:48

10.Friendship and love  5:13

11.The king's enchanter  2:31

12.Niniane (lady of the lake)  7:08

13.The last battle 8:11

14.Avalon  3:44

2003 CD,  ProActs

All tracks words T. Scherpenzeel/I. Linders

Music: T. Scherpenzeel

except 3, 8, 13 music: P. Koopman



Recorded at Kayak Home Studio, Hilversum (NL), Wisseloord Studio by Tymen Zinkhaan, Hilversum (NL), various theatre locations in NL)

Recorded and mixed at K&S Studio (NL) by Dick Kemper

Produced and arranged by Ton Scherpenzeel & Pim Koopman

Orchestra arrangements scored and conducted by Gerbrand Westveen

Merlin- BLOG

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